• Horses slide down off the mountain (note 1)
    Sunlight turning red
    Falls on the earth and it spreads
    Even the families lower their head
    As they ride

    Age old faces of the mountains
    Looming naturally
    I wonder if they're looking at me
    Their monumental eyes I can feel
    And the glow in the twilight
    The dawn of hope
    Reminds me
    Now I'm reaching out to you
    Anything I can do
    To be safe and warm
    In your arms
    All I have is the heart of you

    I'd meet you anywhere in the country
    Or anywhere on the sea
    All over the world it could be
    I would follow you
    With the heart of me

    Love calls echo in the valley
    Dream come true tonight
    Remembering you hold me tight
    In tomorrow morning's light
    I will find you
    When I awoke the stars were out
    And shining, shining for you and me
    All I ever want to be
    Safe and warm
    In your arms
    All I have from the heart of me

  • Here I am, on the lam
    Ready to go
    Brighter days have hurried me along
    Nobody's wrong

    Love stays the same
    A heart's not to blame
    Nothing is over
    Now it don't worry me at all
    There's just got to be some kind of overflow
    Nobody falls

    People, we cry, when wells go dry
    It threatens tomorrow
    Try to find some ways to ease the fright
    Burn into the night

    But maybe a little rain would soothe the pain
    And drown our sorrows
    Looking straight at all that lives again
    Until we get our fill of overflows
    Nobody knows

    In search of love, the seasons above
    Have taken to wander
    Unlike the ones we used to know
    Where did they go?

    Well, here I am, on the lam
    Low overflow
    Brighter days have hurried me along